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SHOPPERS: What was your experience shopping at The Jack & Jill Market?

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The Jack & Jill Market is a great opportunity for smart mums to buy and sell quality nearly-new items. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our happy customers have been telling us…

  • I could have cried when I saw all the beautiful quality baby items being treated with such respect. After years seeing car boot sales being washed away in the rain, it’s lovely to see this market treating people with such respect.

    Mandy, shopper — Motherwell, February 2014

  • I have the selling bug and many of my friends are now looking for me to either share a stall or sell for them

    Parvez, stallholder — Glasgow, February 2014

  • Good quality, well priced, range of items for granddaughter. Well organised, items were clean, and good quality.

    Pamela, shopper — Falkirk, February 2014

  • I went looking for a baby walker and I got one for £35 — it would normally sell for in the shops for lots more than that. Plus a play ring with canopy for £10 (they’re normally a lot more) so a great day all round.

    Laura, shopper — Glasgow, February 2014

  • We made £180. It was better than I thought it was going to be. The staff were all clearly visible and always there to help. Very polite and helpful.

    Emma dawes, stallholder — Perth, February 2014

  • I came back with a car full of items and I only went in for a look! I got a beautiful knitted blanket that was priceless! Having a baby is so very expensive as they do not stop growing and learning so to get second-hand items like these is just brilliant.

    Kasia, shopper — Glasgow, February 2014

  • It was unbelievable. The baby stuff that was there and the quality of the stuff was great. I will be going to the market every time it’s in Motherwell.

    Linda, shopper — Motherwell, February 2014

  • I would recommend any mum/dad doing a Jack & Jill. It’s well organised, easy to set-up & pack-up, and even better you get to make some cash back from your little ones’ clothes & toys.

    Angela, stallholder — Livingston, January 2014

  • First time selling at The Jack & Jill Market and would recommend it! Lovely clean indoor space; plenty of staff on hand to help, and good quality items. After doing a few car-boot-sales this was 100 times better and I’ll be doing one again soon.

    Carol, stallholder — Dundee, January 2014

  • They are just so organised and the staff are fab. I would definitely recommend them.

    Kerry, shopper — March 2013

  • I love coming along: you never know what goodies you’ll come home with and with number 5 on the way I have to try keep cost down! Brilliant idea.

    Louise, shopper — , March 2013

  • The bargains are great but also it’s nice to know that we’re not all adding to the landfill with our baby’s toys and clothes!

    Claire, shopper — , March 2013

  • Great atmosphere and great, quality, bargains. The markets are so well organised.

    Rosemary, shopper — , March 2013

  • its great to see everyone recycling and everyone who cant manage to buy brand new get everything for baby all under one roof and under a fortune, keep up the good work PINK LADIES X

    Ann, shopper — , March 2013

  • Had a great experience as a stallholder last year, got lots of pennies for my boy’s savings account and would love to do it all over again x

    Karen, stallholder — , March 2013

  • I’ve now done 4 with another 2 booked and still anticipating the relase of May dates for Aberdeen … my house IS the Jack and Jill Market! thank you thank you thank you for inventing this!!!

    Lindsay, stallholder — Aberdeen, March 2013

  • I love the feeling of satisfaction that I get being able to do my guilty pleasure (shopping) workout feeling guilty for spending too much money! And being able to come home all smug telling my partner how little I spent on the huge pile of things I have bought! I’m actually addicted to the Jack and Jill market! Xx

    Sharon, shopper — , March 2013

  • Very busy, made more money than expected — £160!

    Angela, stallholder — Falkirk, June 2012

  • Enjoyable day. Sold the larger items that I do not want to take back home, and made £224.

    Clare, stallholder — Falkirk, June 2012

  • Had an amazing time today, got lots of bargains :) x

    Emma, shopper — Aberdeen , June 2012

  • Ioved it first time I have been, got lots of stuff :) will be there next time cant wait. X

    Shaz, shopper — Falkirk, June 2012

  • First time I’ve been and got a bargain buggy! Will be back.

    Louise, shopper — Falkirk, June 2012

  • Very good sale! All good quality and nicely presented stalls. Got exactly what I was looking for!

    Charlotte, shopper — Falkirk, June 2012

  • Got some great bargains today so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeassssed as Arnie would say “I’ll be back”.

    Nicola, shopper — Falkirk, June 2012

  • It was AMAZING today!! I got my wee boy a blue smart trike.….over the moon as thats all I went for but ended up with bags upon bags of stuff!! However, bargain of the day was my awesome leapfrog learn & groove table for.….wait for it.….£3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will most definately be back :) xxx

    Georgina, shopper — Falkirk, June 2012

  • Very well organised, and help was available when required. I made £355.

    Lorna, stallholder — Falkirk, June 2012

  • Another fab market — got a fab buggy for a third of RRP!

    Kearn, shopper — Glasgow, June 2012

  • Had a brill day got my son the seat I’ve been searching for. Can’t wait till next time

    Leanne, shopper — Glasgow, June 2012

  • First time today and was very happy got what I wanted and at half the price. Can’t wait for the next one.

    Amanda, shopper — Glasgow, June 2012

  • Got some amazing bargins on Saturday, cannot wait for the next one x

    Colette, shopper — Glasgow, June 2012

  • I was slightly nervous about my first ever sale, but the Jack & Jill Team made it all so easy, and I am delighted by how much I have made — £135!

    Jo, stallholder — Glasgow, June 2012

  • Excellent support from staff. Far better set up than other nearly-new markets. This is geared to the seller making as much as they can wihout having to pay commission. I Made £275.

    Lynn, stallholder — Glasgow, June 2012

  • I really enjoyed the market. I made £316. The staff were so friendly and helpful and full of tips for my great stall I will definitely be back.

    Lynda, stallholder — Glasgow, June 2012

  • Absolutely delighted, We made £711

    Avril, stallholder — Glasgow, June 2012

  • Well organised, stress-free, friendly buying and selling environment. Much more civilised than a car boot sale. I made £105.

    Leigh, stallholder — Dundee, May 2012

  • This was my second at one of these events and I have found it to be sucessful as before. A great way to clear space at home and make a bit of money — £255!

    Jillian, stallholder — Dundee, May 2012

  • Had a great day at the Jack and Jill Market. Everything was as expected. Easy going, great people, great fun! I made £340.

    Diane, stallholder — Dundee, May 2012

  • Today was my first time at one of these events… I was very impressed but I did learn you have to be fast I looked at a high-chair for £8 and said to my other half we’ll come back and when we did it was gone and I think it sold for £6 I would have paid double that lol. I did manage to get myself a Yummy Mummy Changing bag which I have always wanted. Can’t wait for the next one!!!!

    Angela, shopper — Edinburgh, May 2012

  • We made £160. It was a great sale to be a part of today and the support staff have been so helpful. Thank you.

    Emma, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2012

  • We made £235. This was such a well-run and advertised event.

    Louise, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2012

  • Great fun, lovely people, made £360 — much more than expected.

    Jackie, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2012

  • We made £440 today. Great atmosphere and its been great to see our much-loved items go off to good homes and the bonus is we’ve made some money! We will be back. Thanks!

    Fiona, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2012

  • We had a great day, met some fantastic people and got great bargains x

    Jaqui, shopper — Ayr, May 2012

  • Really enjoyed the market at Ayr. My Mum & I got some great bargains.

    Jane, shopper — Ayr, May 2012

  • Great idea! was at Ayr today got a few bargains and got what I was looking for.

    Claire, shopper — Ayr, May 2012

  • Staff were knowledgable about selling and very helpful. We made £150.

    April, stallholder — Ayr, May 2012

  • We made £220. I was very impressed with the organisation of the market and the helpful emails in the lead-up to the sale.

    Joanne, stallholder — Ayr, May 2012

  • We made £291 and had a fab day. So well-organised running up to event and on the day. Sold lots, everyone was friendly and welcoming.

    Emma, stallholder — Ayr, May 2012

  • An excellent way to clear the loft and make some extra cash — £320.

    Patricia, stallholder — Ayr, May 2012

  • It was FAB!

    Lauren, shopper — Galashiels, May 2012

  • Over the moon with £269 made. Thank you.

    Tracy, stallholder — Galashiels, May 2012

  • Very pleased with £100 made. Well advertised and plenty of selling tips for stallholders.

    Kartrina, stallholder — Galashiels, May 2012

  • Great staff, great venue, will be back. I made £360!

    Donna, stallholder — Galashiels, May 2012

  • First time today at Bellahouston — arrived quite late but still got loads of bargains! Will be recommending to all the mums in my area!

    Julie, shopper — Glasgow, May 2012

  • got lots of bargains yesterday !! i had no hands left to carry all of them

    Michelle, shopper — Perth, May 2012

  • Very friendly staff and helpful. Well organised and a great atmosphere as well as a really good venue. I made £100

    Christine, stallholder — Glasgow, May 2012

  • Do it! Make some money! I made £350!

    Kris, stallholder — Glasgow, May 2012

  • Great way to spend a Saturday. We made £285 plus the other stallholders were really friendly.

    Martyn, stallholder — Glasgow, May 2012

  • We made £400. This is the second time we’ve done it and would recommend it definitely.

    Alyson, stallholder — Glasgow, May 2012

  • Thrilled with my purchases today, dinosaur Island, 6 pairs of jeans and a shirt and a VTech games console.

    Beverley, shopper — Dunfermline, April 2012

  • Got some excellent bargains today, can’t wait till next month :) x

    Yvonne, shopper — Dunfermline, April 2012

  • Had a great morning and got a good few bargains too :) will definitely be returning.

    Jen, shopper — Dunfermline, April 2012

  • Made £230, really pleased. Staff were very friendly and helpful.

    Kelly, stallholder — Livingston, April 2012

  • I was there today!! loads of stalls with tons of great bargains!! will definitely be back with my daughter when my granddaughter arrives!!!

    Lesley, shopper — Dundee, April 2012

  • Staff very helpful and well organised. I made £155.

    Catherine, stallholder — Lanark, April 2012

  • A great way of getting rid of used baby items. Its fun and you make money too — I made £100. A fantastic concept.

    Judy, stallholder — Lanark, April 2012

  • I had a great day, and made £210!

    Laura, stallholder — Lanark, April 2012

  • It has been my first Jack & Jill Market and I would definitely do another. Very organised selling areas and large areas for bigger items are ideal, perfect! I made £129. Definitely be back in the future. Very friendly staff.

    Andrea, stallholder — Dundee, April 2012

  • Very impressed with the way its organised. Liked the various emails with selling tips etc. Like how all goods are vetted for quality as this keeps the market to a high standard. I made £100

    Christine, stallholder — Dundee, April 2012

  • Good opportunuity to declutter and make some money. I made £175

    Paula, stallholder — Dundee, April 2012

  • Well organised, friendly staff. Would do it again and we made £350.

    Hazel, stallholder — Dundee, April 2012

  • Loved all the bargains I picked up today for my son :) and had a look around for some tips as I’ve booked a stall for June.

    Ashley, shopper — Edinburgh, April 2012

  • I got a blow up massive bouncy ball pool in shape of princess castle for £10 brand new and then another stall I got 600 balls for £10! Price tags still on so instead of £100 for the lot we paid £20! Another of our bargains today! We literally filled our car! Your staff helped as they laughed with us! Great day!

    Kimberly, shopper — Edinburgh, April 2012

  • Fantastic market yesterday! Lots of amazing bargains and a brilliant experience!

    Cathy, shopper — Edinburgh, April 2012

  • It was fab! I got some great bargains.

    Laura, shopper — Edinburgh, April 2012

  • Very well organised, first-time and I would return and recommend. I made £170!

    Claire, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2012

  • Good event. Well-advertised. Would definitely come again. I made £200.

    Kim, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2012

  • I’ve done nearly-new sales before but this was much better. I made £425!

    Karen, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2012

  • My sister and I had always been customers, so this was the first time we had a stall. It was made so easy, instructions were clear and the saff very welcoming and warm. We made £409 in a few hours. Amazing! It was good to see items we loved going to good homes.

    Gareth, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2012

  • Had a brilliant time at Bellahouston today, good fun and lovely people. Made lots of money too, so can’t wait to do another one! Thanks Jack and Jill Market, very well organised, what a great experience.

    Lisa, shopper — Glasgow, April 2012

  • Great way to spring clean and gather up some bargains from other stall holders! I made £130.

    Lynda, stallholder — Glasgow, April 2012

  • We had a fantastic day. Found the Event very-well organised, the staff weere extremely helpful and very friendly. We made £162 and will definitely be back!

    Jackie, stallholder — Glasgow, April 2012

  • The Jack & Jill is an excellent way to get rid of items outgrown and make money. We made £220.

    Kirsty, stallholder — Glasgow, April 2012

  • Very well organised. Good atmosphere and we made £300

    Lisa, stallholder — Glasgow, April 2012

  • Thoroughly pleasant experience and I have some much needed space back and extra £s in my pocket! I made £100!

    Leonie, stallholder — Perth, March 2012

  • Thoroughly enjoyed it! I made £130

    Alison, stallholder — Perth, March 2012

  • Excellent! We made £170 — what a hassle-free way of selling old clothes and toys.

    Katie, stallholder — Perth, March 2012

  • We made £250 but profit-making asde, it was lovely to see how other people would enjoy using your things, especially the pram.

    Linzi, stallholder — Perth, March 2012

  • Wow! The Jack & Jill Market was fab today!

    Dundee Baby Sensory, shopper — Dundee, March 2012

  • We sold out of everything! Obviously the event was well marketed as a lot of people were buying. We made approx £220.

    Anita, stallholder — Dundee, March 2012

  • The difference is a sale in which high-quality items are valued — no more boot sales! I made £300!

    Catherine, stallholder — Dundee, March 2012

  • Such a happy peaceful environment to do business. We made £395

    Dawn, stallholder — Dundee, March 2012

  • We made £500. Great communication regarding the event via email, would definitely use this service again.

    Sarah, stallholder — Dundee, March 2012

  • Really well organised, liked dropping off right outside building and we made £180.

    Gayle, stallholder — Edinburgh, March 2012

  • Great way of recycling items and getting some money at the same time. We made £130.

    Susan, stallholder — Edinburgh, March 2012

  • Lovely friendly staff. Very well organised. Thanks very much x I made £168!

    Pauline, stallholder — Edinburgh, March 2012

  • This is our 2nd Jack & Jill Market. As always, the organization was extremely good and we made more than expected — £260. Delighted!

    Sharon, stallholder — Edinburgh, March 2012

  • Good fun and good cameraderie. My second one in 2 weeks! I made £105!

    Eliza, stallholder — Livingston, March 2012

  • Thank you so much I wish I had discovered you earlier. I have given so much to charity over the years that I could have sold. A great selling experience. Fantastic and would recommend. I made £150.

    Elaine, stallholder — Livingston, March 2012

  • Great day. I made £200 and had a laugh witth other stall holders.

    Duncan, stallholder — Livingston, March 2012

  • One man’s ‘junk’ is another man’s treasure. Most things will sell as long as they are in good condition and fairly priced

    Pauline, stallholder — Livingston, March 2012

  • Lots of fun! I would definitely do it again as we made much more than expected — £350

    Andrea, stallholder — Dunfermline, March 2012

  • Just been to my first ever Jack and Jill market and have to say it was really good. I managed to get some great baby toys and clothes for baba and will definitely be back once baby has arrived

    Lesley, shopper — Dunfermline, March 2012

  • I have never done a stall before and this was extremely organised. I have really enjoyed the experience, it went well throughout, and is a very good venue. Yes, I am pleased with the amount I made. We made £225.

    Claire, stallholder — Dunfermline, March 2012

  • I went today for the first time! Very impressed!!! Got some fantastic bargains! We will be back again.

    Yvonne, shopper — Dunfermline, March 2012

  • The organisation of the market is fantastic and the staff are very cheeful and polite. It is a great feeling to add up what you make at the end of the event, which was £122.

    Vicky, stallholder — Dunfermline, March 2012

  • Thank you to all the ladies who reduced baby walkers for me to help out with my toddler group.

    Louise, shopper — Dunfermline, March 2012

  • We made £290. The staff were very helpful. The event was really good & will definitely do again.

    Moyra, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • We were at the Glasgow market today, and got some fab things!! Thank you very much!

    Kirsty, shopper — Glasgow, September 2011

  • Great fun way clear to out your un-used kids tihngs. Definitely be back. We made £205.

    Lynda, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • It was a great market today! Got some lovely things… Will definitely be telling everyone about it :)

    Kearn, shopper — Glasgow, September 2011

  • I would definitely recommend the Jack & Jill Market to anyone wanting to sell larger items of baby equipment. We made £202.50

    C, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • It was brilliant — got everything I was looking for, will definetly be along to the next one before baby arrives to try and pick up some last minute bits! Xx

    Katie, shopper — Glasgow, September 2011

  • We made £255. The market was very well organised and professionally run. Very good experience — will be back.

    Alison, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • The Jack & Jill baby and kids market was fab today… thanks for a great morning, got loads of toys for the kids I childmind…i was too late for the prams,but there is always next time.xx

    Jackie, shopper — Glasgow, September 2011

  • Very well organised and obviously well advertised as there were loads of customers. I’ve been trying to sell my travel system for ages and it went in a flash. Altogether we made £280

    Pauline, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • I got loads of bargains today and some of the things I probably bought because they were cheaper than expected!! I spent £5 on a bike that I realistically would have bought for more!

    Lynne, shopper — Falkirk, September 2011

  • Fantastic, well organised, polite friendly staff. Love the large items area. Not over-crowded with stalls — will definitely do this again. Made £180.

    Jackie, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • I was very pleased with what I bought and what I paid for them, thought the prices were really good: I got a door swing for £5 and a Baby Gap jacket for £3. Will be back and may have my own stall in time, I felt everyone was very friendly and easy to approach.

    Julie, shopper — Falkirk, September 2011

  • Been to a few baby and childrens markets run by Jack & Jill and must admit they are brilliant well done to whoever thought about it. Its not only me but my daughter and her mother-in-law, we are hooked and we have also spread the word..well done x

    Lorri, shopper — Falkirk, September 2011

  • Very well organised. I found all the emails I received beforehand very useful and informative and we made £155.

    Carol-Anne, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • Got some great bargains today — hopefully will drag my other half to the next one.

    Joumana, shopper — Perth, September 2011

  • I enjoyed the experience and it gave my children something at the end of a ‘summer holiday’ clearout.

    Morag, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • Today was brilliant, bargain-tastic!!!

    Jennifer, shopper — Stirling, August 2011

  • It’s always great to see and help other parents with quality pre-loved clothes and equipment. Re-use, reduce and recycle!

    Helen, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • Had a good morning at the Jack & Jill Market today got mostly everything I was looking for. Roll on September. :-)

    Bonnie, shopper — Livingston, August 2011

  • This was our first time and we wre very impressed with the footfall. We made £350.

    John, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • Came to the market for the first time today and got some great bargains! Looking forward to the Edinburgh one now!

    Ashley, shopper — Livingston, August 2011

  • Great. We made £300. Everything was well set up, there were friendly staff, and there was really good foot fall!

    Pamela, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • All the markets I have been to are fab. It is such a well run market, you all do a fab job :)

    Melanie, shopper — Livingston, August 2011

  • Fantastic, Very well organised. We made £200.

    Gemma, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • I visited the Livingston one today, first time and thought it was very well run, sellers had everything displayed neatly and in view which was great!

    Jodi, shopper — Livingston, August 2011

  • Came today and thought it was great

    Kirsty, shopper — Livingston, August 2011

  • Well organised and easy to do. A fun and easy way to earn £270

    Gemma, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • Went to the market yesterday and got just what I was looking for plus a few extra bargains! Was impressed that every stall was so well organised.

    Sarah, shopper — Livingston, August 2011

  • Can’t believe how busy it was at the market. Loads of great stuff, definitely worth going next time :D

    Jasmina, shopper — Livingston, August 2011

  • Hi there, was at the market in Livingston today it was really good.

    Laura, shopper — Livingston, August 2011

  • First time my sister and i have been to a Jack & Jill Market. Got some great bargains. Very impressed. Well organised and quality goods for sale. Will definitely recommend your market to friends xx

    Lynsay, shopper — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • Lots of fun! We made £200.

    Gillian, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • Just another big thank you To Alanna for the pram. My sister has raved and raved about it. She will take good care of it and love it just as much as you did :-) x

    Elizabeth, shopper — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • First time I’ve ever been and it was amazing!! Got loads of bargains. When’s the next 1?? Xx

    Ruth, shopper — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • We made £170. The market was well organised, well advertised, and straight-forward.

    Susan, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • Brilliant sale, my first time, spent less than £20 and got 3 grobags, 6 sleepsuits and loads of good as new toys!! :-) When’s the next one?!

    Tara, shopper — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • Was there today and got some great bargains :o)

    Gillian, shopper — Edinburgh, July 2011

  • Grabbed lots of bargains, which was brill — as good as ever!

    Jen, shopper — Galashiels, July 2011

  • It was a fantastic experience as it was our first time at the market. We met lots of friendly people including other stallholders. The staff were very helpful.

    Wasim, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • Had a lovely time today, got a few bargains in Perth, can’t wait till the next 1 will definitely be there!

    Claire, shopper — Perth, July 2011

  • Hi I went to the Market on sat in Perth n thought it was fab.

    Sami, shopper — Perth, July 2011

  • I can’t w8t to find out where the next one is

    Bonnie, shopper — Dunfermline, July 2011

  • This was def worth a wee trip through from Kirkcaldy. Look forward to Jack and Jill Markets coming to kdy. x

    Sharron, shopper — Dunfermline, July 2011

  • Didnt manage to find what i was looking for but found other bargins instead so was a win for us :)

    Susan, shopper — Dunfermline, July 2011

  • Hi I had my first time at the Jack & Jill market yesterday in Dunfermline and got some really nice bargains.

    Zoe, shopper — Dunfermline, July 2011

  • I can’t w8t to find out where the next one is

    Bonnie, shopper — Dunfermline, July 2011

  • thank you soo much for doing these markets! they are fabulous and an absolute life saver. i’ll be back regularly!

    Bryony, shopper — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • Just want to say that the market today was great. We picked up a lot of bargains and the whole thing was very well organised! Cant wait for the next one :)

    Candice, shopper — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • Thought the market today in Dunfermline was FANTASTIC!! I didnt actually know it existed until my husband drove by and was taken aback by the amount of cars. He called me immediately whilst I was doing our food shopping and I popped straight over. I got LOADS of bargains for our new arrival and am so pleased. Cant wait til the next one. Meant to be on holiday that weekend, but have decided to come back early to see what other bargains I can pick up! Very well run, thank you for a pleasant experience!!

    Gemma, shopper — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • I had a stall today and I would recommend it to anyone. Fantastically well organised, we had a great day and made good money too (£250). Thank you Nicole — we will be back!

    Lisa, stallholder — Glasgow, September 2011

  • Hi J&J, went to my first market today — was really impressed! Hoping to sell at your next one in Dunfermline. Do I need to book very early as it looked packed today! x

    Jennifer, shopper — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • Just want to say thank you, picked up so many brilliant bargains, high quality clothes etc so cheap, thank you!! Next time I will get there earlier though cos I missed out on a buggy bargain, you live and learn!! Thanks again :)

    Lynn, shopper — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • I came today and thought it was fab, got almost everything I came for! I am booked up with a friend for the Meadowbank market on 31st July X

    Melanie, shopper — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • Was heaving today but i got some good bargains! tottally impressed :)

    Tia, shopper — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • Great day, great market, sold loads … Definitely coming again

    Richard, shopper — Perth, June 2011

  • For our second, we initially wanted everything brand new as we didnt have a choice first time round but after common sense kicked in we decided on a compromise of both and we are perfectly happy with what we have gotten thanks to the Jack & Jill Markets :D

    Lynne, shopper — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • I managed to pop along, park in the car park, really close and free of charge, and snap up about £100 worth of designer toddler’s clothes for just a tenner or so. Excellent!

    Lesley, shopper — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • My wee lass loves all her bargains we found yesterday! Great time!

    Lisa, shopper — Galashiels, May 2011

  • Very enjoyable morning in a controlled, friednly environment. Very well organised and lots of money to be made (we made £260).

    Paula, stallholder — Falkirk, September 2011

  • We got loads of stuff. Really good quality too. See you at the next one.

    Eileen, shopper — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • I got a brilliant cot today, just what I needed and for £55, its at least £100 less than if I bought it new, so I’m really pleased with that.

    Alison, shopper — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • How nice to come to a nearly-new market that is nice and organised. Some of the others are chaos. This is great!

    Ashely, shopper — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • I had a great time and bought a very beautiful Moses Basket and Stand. See you at the next one :)

    Lynne, shopper — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • Made £205.50 and had a very positive first time as a stallholder. Will definitely do again. Thank you!

    Aileen, stallholder — Falkirk, September 2011

  • Great baby and kids market today. I’m setting up my house for when my grandson comes to stay and I’ve now got a stair-gate, a fireguard, a buggy and a number of other items I needed. I must have saved at least £300 today.

    Margaret, shopper — Peebles, April 2011

  • Enjoyed coming along and meeting everyone. Very pleased to sell my double buggy at second attempt. Goes to show even if you don’t sell 1st time, try again. We made £294.50 today.

    Fiona, stallholder — Falkirk, September 2011

  • This has saved us about £500 today. Amazing!

    Eilidh, shopper — Peebles, April 2011

  • Very well organised and really helpful staff. Well advertised before event too. We made £260

    Louise, stallholder — Falkirk, September 2011

  • The Jack & Jill Market is great because its all baby and kids stuff and that’s what we’re looking for so its much better than going to a car boot. Excellent.

    Leigh-Anne, shopper — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • Staff really helpful. Nice to be complimented on our stall layout especially as it was our 1st time. We made £154.

    x, stallholder — Falkirk, September 2011

  • Amazing. I saved about £180 on this buggy today. Brilliant!

    Janette, shopper — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • Went to Stockbridge market today and got a new pram, as ours broke in the snow. Just been out for a walk with it, amazing. Thank you, definitely go again :-)

    Alice, shopper — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • I love the Jack & Jill. I always come away with loads of good gear.

    Gillian, shopper — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • That’s everything we need. We’re having our first in two months and I can’t believe we managed to get all kitted out today, its fantastic. Thanks!

    Stefan, shopper — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • I found everything I came for and saved about £400.

    Alan, shopper — Galashiels, January 2011

  • I was selling for the first time today, thought it was all very well organised and delighted to say that I managed to sell quite a bit, so will be back again at some point.

    Kate, stallholder — Perth, September 2011

  • I love the markets! Always great quality.

    Carolyn, shopper — Peebles, September 2010

  • We made £350 and it was just very organised, staff very helpful we will be back to sell/shop again.

    Alanna, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • A very well organised event, with lots of customers :-). We made £277.

    Helen, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • An excellent idea… Very satisfying to see good quality baby items going to good homes, and making a pound or two (we made £270).

    Alison-and-Hazel, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • Very well organised. We made £241.70

    Nicola, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • We made £220 and this was a very good venue: spacious and really well organised.

    Gill, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • I would recommend the Jack & Jill Market to anyone with kids. I think its fantastic.

    Laura, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • The guidance and emails certainly helped me prepare or the market. On the day it was really helpful as I had a travel cot to sell and as I had no clothes rail, I was able to display it. Thanks. (I made £198)

    Lyndsey, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • Very well organised, tips for selling was great and I would definitely recommend the Jack & Jill Market to anyone wishing to sell baby/childrens items.

    Alison, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • I wanted to make £150 to buy son’s new bed and made over £200 so yes I’m pleased. The staff were fabulous, popping round to maek sure we were OK and as I was running the stall myself it was very re-assuring.

    Laurie, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • Expected to make £100, and I made £188. It was my first as a seller and you have very helpful staff. It was a pleasurable experience and I was totally made to feel at ease.

    Sharon, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • Expected to make £50150 and made £127 so definitely pleased. The support I received was fantastic; very friendly atmosphere.

    Kat, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • We were guided to stall and greeted when we arrived which was a nice touch. We made £ 300 and we will be back next year.

    Melanie, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • A great way to clear cupboards, make some money (we made £190), and grab a bargain too.

    Joanne, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • All brilliant, very well organised as always. We made £154 today.

    Jennifer, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • All J & J staff were very helpful and we made £150 today.

    Carolyn, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • This was very organised, lots of support. Thought the turnout was excellent.

    Tracey, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • We made £150. This is a fantastic way to make room and money for more toys.

    Diane, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • Great idea! Much better than NCT Sale.

    Nicola, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • My husband and I had our first stall today and it was brillant! We made a very good amount of money and it was nice to see all our stuff go to new homes, big thankyou to the Jack and Jill staff for their help/advice, we will definitely be having another stall soon xx

    Alanna, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • that was my first time as a seller at the market and I was sooo nervous, but I needn’t have been as the staff were more than helpful, they were great: popping back to check on me throughout the market!!! I made over £100 and still came home with loads! I am definitely going to the next Dunfermline event but I might just pop over to the Livingston one , I don’t think I will last till October, I have definately caught the bug now!!! THANKS x

    Sharon, stallholder — Dunfermline, August 2011

  • Really enjoyed it, staff really helpful and friendly. Info sent via email was really useful. I made £140.

    Arlene, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • Brilliant! We made £195.

    Colin, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • Jack & Jill staff were very helpful and we ended up making £250.

    Johnny, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • £228 made. Friendly atmosphere, helpful and supportive staff.

    Linda, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • Great! We made £239.

    Verity, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • Its great to have sold quite a few large items and many of our smaller ones too. Much lighter load in the car going home!

    Cindy, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • Very easy to set up, very helpful staff.

    Laura, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • I loved that it was very well organised and great communication. The large item area is a great idea!

    Linda, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • I think you do a fab job, very well planned event. This was a fantastic great way to part with all our stuff and make some money.

    Marion, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • This is my second market now and I will certainly do another one.

    Karina, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • Fantastic experience! Brilliant way to pass on items too good to give away and make a bit of money. Staff are friendly and helpful and its sooooo well organised!

    Michelle, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • We made £175. Thank you to all staff: really excellent support — everyone was so helpful. Really well organised — thanks Nicole.

    Sarah, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • Great organisation very professional. Staff very friendly and hepful — I’ll definitely be back. I made £170.

    Caroline, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • What a fab day today! We really enjoyed ourselves selling and picked up a bargain to take home too! can’t wait for the next Borders sale — we’ll be there x

    Michelle, stallholder — Galashiels, July 2011

  • Everyone was really friendly and event was well organised. Made £225.

    Jillian, stallholder — Perth, July 2011

  • I was impressed with how everything was organised and laid out. We made £193.

    Nikki, stallholder — Perth, July 2011

  • The paperwork was very helpful prior to attending — lots of great tips. We made £160+

    x, stallholder — Perth, July 2011

  • Many thanks for holding the market here in Perth. We made £676 (between two stalls) which is an amazing amount of money. Another great fun succesful day, see you next time!

    Amanda, stallholder — Perth, July 2011

  • We made over £300. This was my first time at a Jack & Jill Market and I was very impressed with the organiation of the market and friendly helpful staff. Can’t wait to come back!

    Jane, stallholder — Perth, July 2011

  • I hoped to make £100 and made £250. I enjoyed selling a lot of my boy’s baby items and was very surprised how much we sold as other stalls had very similar items.

    Jill, stallholder — Perth, July 2011

  • We made £200. The tips you gave before the market were very good. Thank you and see you again ;-)

    Kasia, stallholder — Perth, July 2011

  • It was good fun meeting people and we made £177.

    x, stallholder — Perth, July 2011

  • This was my first time at a sale and it all went very smoothly. Your website explained everything very clearly so it was just as I expected. Will come again.

    Katherine, stallholder — Perth, July 2011

  • Just home form J&J in Perth. Had a great day, it was really busy and sold all my big items. Made a grand total of about £330 today. Lovely to meet you Nicole.

    Jane, stallholder — Perth, July 2011

  • We were just delighted with our day today! Made over £300 and that was with a buggy selling for just £80. The rest was from the wee things. Still not sure how we did it, but so grateful for the opportunity. Fantastically well organised…worked like clock work. Thank you to the massive effort that must go in before we even get there! Thanks.

    Pamela, stallholder — Dunfermline, July 2011

  • Can’t believe how busy it was.… I made close to £200, very pleased. Will gather more things and be at one soon!!

    Emma, stallholder — ,

  • Very well organised, comfortable and clean. We made £110

    Erica, stallholder — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • Fantastic day, well organised and well attended, will definitely do it again. We made £173 with possible £150 sale to follow up. Pleased with the amount we made? Yes — absolutely.

    Kerry, stallholder — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • I wish I had discovered the Jack & Jill Market before now. Extremely well organised and lots of help given. I made £200. Thank you all.

    Lynsey, stallholder — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • This is our second J&J market and both have been good experiences and well attended by buyers, so the advertising must be working. We made £123.

    Nikki, stallholder — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • I made £240 Excellent idea and I wish I’d known about it earlier! I had a really fantastic day today and was chuffed to make £245. I’m spreading the word to all my friends who I know have bundles of great stuff stashed away.

    Teresa, stallholder — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • We made £130 today. Really well organised, v clear guidelines for stall and selling. Really impressed. I usually sell through NCT — this is so much better!

    Vicki, stallholder — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • Excellent organisation, bright spacious venue with easy parking & very friendly helpful staff.

    Fiona, stallholder — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • The market was friendly and a nice atmosphere. Very easy going and we made £150.

    Carly, stallholder — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • Amazed how many people attended. We made £150

    Hannah, stallholder — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • It was a happy and fun experience, the first time we have done it and would love to do it again. We expected to make £100 and we actually made £220

    Gwen, stallholder — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • Very friendly ‘helpers’. I’ve had a great day and sold loads. I made £245

    Angie, stallholder — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • Well organised. Made more money that I thought (£245) so very pleased.

    Lynn, stallholder — Dunfermline, June 2011

  • Well organised, will definitely be back. We made £460

    Amy, stallholder — Perth, June 2011

  • I made £318. Wow! The organizers were very helpful at the start of the market.

    Debbie, stallholder — Perth, June 2011

  • This was our first experience as stallholders and it went very well. We would recommend the market to friends and will definitely be back.

    Diane, stallholder — Perth, June 2011

  • Definitely what the area needs: a great way to sell unwanted baby goods in a friendly, organised manner. We made £200.

    Gemma, stallholder — Perth, June 2011

  • The market was very well organised and laid out to maximize sales. We made over £100

    Lesley, stallholder — Perth, June 2011

  • We made £228 and it was a great experience. We were well informed by e-mail on ways to sell on the day. Plenty of space at stall.

    Melinda, stallholder — Perth, June 2011

  • Great. It’s nice to be able to showcase the product you’re selling unlike NCT.

    Sharon, stallholder — Perth, June 2011

  • I found the Jack & Jill Market very well set out and the staff helpful, enjoyed my first experience of selling.

    Alison, stallholder — Perth, June 2011

  • The Jack & Jill baby and childrens markets are an excellent way to encourage a clear out and make a bit of cash.

    Alison, stallholder — Perth, June 2011

  • Very much pleased to have made £260 today — glad to have sold the pushchair. It was a good experience, and the help from your staff on hand was much appreciated. It was good to have hints and tips via email as well.

    Margaret, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • We made £150. This is my second time and I would recommend it to other mums and dads. A great way to recycle and make money and so much nicer than a car boot sale!

    Donna, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • We made £120 and we’re delighted! Excellent: very well organised and would do it again.

    Helen, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • Will definitely come back to sell again. Made money and cleared some space at home. Job done!

    Michael, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • Your staff were very helpful. We had lots of fun and made £102.46.

    Norrie, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • £150 made — delighted. This is a really well run market. Very well organised.

    Tracey, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • This is my 2nd time and we made £150. Fab!!

    Steph, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • Made £100. I was dreading it — but actually really enjoyed it. Meadowbank is a good location: easy for parking.

    Karen, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • We made £120. It was very easy to set up and sell — a productive morning.

    Tia, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • Communications and pre-market selling tips are excellent. We made £350!

    Jackie, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • Yes! Pleased with making £200. Its worth getting everything ready, not only for the money you make but the space you get back and the nice feeling from passing things on.

    Natalie, stallholder — Edinburgh, May 2011

  • Excellent easy way to make money (I made £130) on things which normally just sit up in the attic. Also was able to buy some great bargains and it was a fun atmosphere.

    Louise, stallholder — Galashiels, May 2011

  • There were lots of customers, the market must have been well advertised! The market was well organised and set out.

    Angela, stallholder — Galashiels, May 2011

  • Excellent, the market was well laid out and advertised and we made money, who could ask for more?

    Cassandra, stallholder — Galashiels, May 2011

  • Enjoyed it very much and the fact that I made £160 is great. Thank you.

    Pauline, stallholder — Galashiels, May 2011

  • Great idea! We made £174.

    Gillian, stallholder — Perth, May 2011

  • Having done a car boot sale some months back and having a fairly poor experiencve, the Jack & Jill Market was bright, open and well laid-out. The table was a decent size and plenty of room for other items around our table. We made £170 and we’ll definitely come again and recommend to friends.

    Julie, stallholder — Perth, May 2011

  • I had fun and made £109 — what’s not to like?

    Leah, stallholder — Perth, May 2011

  • We made £350. The market was very well organised and well-presented. Friendly staff and the large items area is a gret idea. Good venue.

    Nicola, stallholder — Perth, May 2011

  • Your email communications were very useful and the staff helpful. We made £140.

    Evelyn, stallholder — Perth, May 2011

  • Certainly better than NCT events, we’ll be back at another event.

    Russ, stallholder — Perth, May 2011

  • Absolutely loved my morning at JJM. Great relaxed atmosphere and brilliant to know that you’re going to sell, sell, sell — I made £280. I think I’ll do another JJM!

    Lisa, stallholder — Peebles, April 2011

  • Good fun, very well run and we made £70, thank-you

    Linda, stallholder — Peebles, April 2011

  • Good to shift stuff and get money for it. Taking home £160.

    Emma, stallholder — Peebles, April 2011

  • Made £200 out of some loved things.

    Audrey, stallholder — Peebles, April 2011

  • Nice to find new homes for quality items that are too good to just get rid of. We had positive comments from the buyers.

    K, stallholder — Peebles, April 2011

  • The Jack & Jill Market is a very good way of clearing out your house and making a profit! I made £100 today and it was an enjoyable day out with Hubby looking after the kids.

    Michelle, stallholder — Peebles, April 2011

  • The stall and hall looked clean and well laid out on arrival. Very organised market. Made £170.

    Carol, stallholder — Peebles, April 2011

  • This market has been extremely well organised, with friendly, very helpful and approachable staff. We didn’t know what to expect as this was out first time, but would recommend it to others and do another market again.

    elaine, stallholder — Peebles, April 2011

  • Was very well organised. The large items area is a great idea. We made £150.

    Inga, stallholder — Peebles, April 2011

  • Well organized and friendly staff

    Claire, stallholder — Peebles, April 2011

  • I have enjoyed today (made £140) and will do it again.

    Kym, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • Fab having help to take items from car to stall and friendly atmosphere.

    Susan, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • A good experience, and I would do it again. We made £70 today.

    Zoe, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • We made £210. The market is good for selling large items.

    Claire, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • When I arrived I thought I didn’t have a lot to sell compared to others but I seemed to fare quite well and I made £100. A few large items made it all worthwhile.

    Emma, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • Nice environment, well managed. Would definitely do another one! We made approx £150.

    Fiona, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • Great to get money for my old things and give them a new life.

    Gwen, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • We made about £100 and had a very enjoyable day, its better than a car boot! See you in Dunfermline.

    Judith, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • On the lead up to the market, the help and information given through email was very helpful and useful.

    Kathleen, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • Loved that we had our own table with ample space around it.

    Marie, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • The people in charge were extremely pleasant to deal with! I was kept well-informed prior to the event and the hall was well set-up.

    Julie, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • You have lovely staff who were very happy to help and answer questions.

    Victoria, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • Loved the table cloth!

    Sarah, stallholder — Edinburgh, April 2011

  • Very organised & professional. Looking forward to doing another one, we made £180

    Angela, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • Great chance to make some space for your children and meet new people.

    Carina, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • The support was excellent, the information you sent out beforehand was ideal. I made £160 and I will do the market again.

    Claire, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • I’m very pleased with making £150, I enjoyed the morning, met some lovely people, going to tell my friends — see you in May!

    Liane, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • Everyone was super friendly. Very well organised. Was nervous not having done a market before but I had a great time. Thanks for all your help.

    Karen, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • Professionally organised, good table price, delivered on getting customers in, friendly, helpful.

    Pamela, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • The stress-free way to sell, so much easier than ebay or other websites. Everything worked seamlessly and we came away with £180.

    Victoria, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • We made £405. The event was well organised and the advance advice really paid off.

    Catherine, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • Great way of maximizing space at home and earning some money, we made £250. I prefer this to a car boot sale as you don’t need to “give” your things away for next to nothing.

    Kathryn, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • Great experience, good opportunity to recycle and make some cash. We made £100.

    Janet, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • We made £169. The market is very well organised and you knew who to speak to for help. It was indoors!!

    Linda, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • The market has a lovely atmosphere and obviously a wide marketing campaign as customers had travelled.

    Alison, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • Been great and sold quite a lot! Definitely good for selling special or larger items and everyone involved on the day was fantastic.

    Sue, stallholder — Edinburgh, February 2011

  • I made £125 and I was really impressed with the organisation.

    Isobel, stallholder — Peebles, December 2010

  • What a great way to declutter the house and make a few bob in the process. I’m looking forward to the next Jack & Jill Market.

    Katherine, stallholder — Edinburgh, November 2010

  • Had great fun. Roll on the next one!

    Gaye, stallholder — Peebles, September 2010

  • It was a great experience and defo come back.

    Katherine, stallholder — Peebles, September 2010

  • Very well organised and plenty of support if needed.

    Lona, stallholder — Peebles, September 2010

  • Will def do again. Will also recommend to friends

    Angie, stallholder — Peebles, September 2010