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Current Opportunities

Marketing & Events Managers the-jack-and-jill-team-reduced

Have you got a fabulous, loud mouth, able to spread news and information like wildfire?

Do you want a part-time, flexible, work-from-home opportunity that fits in around your family commitments?

Do you want to be your own boss but also work in a fully supported, team environment?

 The Jack & Jill Market is Scotland’s market-leading and most well respected baby & children’s nearly new market for quality, gently used items with events running from Ayr to Aberdeen.

The Jack & Jill Market is a not-for-profit Community Interest Organisation where our local events function as a Social Enterprise with an aim to help mums and families reduce the cost of raising children through making and saving money, and to encourage recycling in local communities.

We currently run single day market events with 4060 stalls, and are currently attracting on average 500800 shoppers at each market—with a few events having attracted over 800 and up to nearly 1000 shoppers.

The Jack & Jill Market is:glasgow market over-view

  • Passionate about quality
  • Passionate about customer service
  • Passionate about helping mums make and save money
  • Passionate about recycling

Our entire team are passionate about these values and everything we do is aimed at honouring our values.

To meet current demand, we are expanding into all 32 Scottish Council areas and growing our team of Marketing & Events Managers. If you are interested in running Jack & Jill Market events in your own local town/area, we are offering part-time, fully supported, self-employed opportunities for Marketing & Events Managers to promote and run your own Jack & Jill Market events (1 or 2 events per month).


 facebook promo - perth 18 augustThe Role

As a Marketing & Events Manager, your responsibility is to engage in ongoing promotional and marketing activities so as to bring hundreds of shoppers to your events, thus providing your sellers AND your shoppers with a successful day either selling or saving. Your role is in three parts:

Prior to market day
Promote and market your event online and offline via non-paid channels to attract shoppers.
Ensure your venue and team are ready for market day

On market day
Set up and manage your event, and a team of Event Co-ordinators assisting you.

Post market
Prepare analysis of your event for central office

Set-up CostJack-Jill-Stallholder - 1

Market Event Kit £450.00*

To run the Jack & Jill Market you require to have an event kit to enable you to run your events professionally. You kit fee covers:

  • Stall covers
  • 6ft Banner
  • Roll Up Banner
  • Large Street signs
  • High-viz vests
  • Large Item Gallery Fencing
  • 2000 x A4 posters
  • 5000 x A5 flyers
  • Delivery

*There are additional sundry items you will be required to obtain to run and maintain your events.

NOTE: You will own this kit and should you decide to move on from The Jack & Jill Market, you will have the opportunity to re-sell your kit to any other manager who may be interested in purchasing it from you.


The Marketing & Events Manager position is self-employed with top-line turnover equal to 100% of the door takings, and, therefore, is not a paid-per-hour role; however, as a guide, you should allow per monthly event, as a minimum:
40 x hours — Event marketing (pre market).
7 x hours — Event management (on the day).
2 x hours — Pre-event admin and preparation.
1 x hour — Post-event admin.

TOTAL50 hours

Important:  Hours are not directly monitored and this role is not suited to strict clock-watchers. We are looking for personalities who are financially driven to succeed with their marketing by attracting more shoppers through the door. The more time and marketing effort put in, the more potential remuneration achieved


When you become a Jack & Jill Market Marketing & Events Manager, you are not alone. While you run the local scene, we will be working hard at the centre to support you and make sure the name of the Jack & Jill Market goes before you.

Advertising Support for Each Market Event

Your local marketing efforts for each market event will be supported and benefited by The Jack & Jill Market’s commitment to advertising and promotion of your specific event. You will be issued a local advertising budget per event for you to personally manage, spending it on local offline and online advertising channels in your local community.

Central Ongoing Brand Promotion

Your own local marketing efforts will also be supported and benefited by The Jack & Jill Market’s
central, ongoing promotion of the Jack & Jill Market brand via:

  • Facebook paid advertising campaigns
  • Online paid advertising (Google, various event portals)
  • Local/National Newspapers & Magazines
  • National Press releases
  • National Radio interviews
  • PR Events

To date we have received coverage on Radio Scotland, The Scotsman, The Herald, Scotland on Sunday, The Daily Record, STV, Families Magazines, Edinburgh Evening News, Glasgow Evening Times, and  variety of local newspapers. As brand awareness spreads in the coming year we expect to enjoy further coverage in 2016 and beyond.

Costs covered by The Jack & Jill Market

  • Venue hire
  • Table/chair hire
  • Legal/Accountancy fees
  • Public indemnity insurance
  • Employer Liability insurance
  • Web hosting/maintenance/development
  • Advertising/flyers/Posters/PR for National Brand Campaigns
  • Local advertising budgets
  • Opt-in Email marketing programmes
  • Central staff and operational costs

What Do You Receive Out of the Box and Ready to Go?

The Jack & Jill Market is growing fast. Our name and reputation has made a great impact over the last few years and there’s much more to come in 2016 as we grow to all 32 Council regions in Scotland. Here’s what you get when you partner with us:

  • Established market-leading Scottish brand
  • Comprehensive operations and marketing manuals
  • Website booking facility and management
  • Weekly advert/marketing materials design service
  • Facebook Page (120,000 + followers and  growing)
  • Opt-in email marketing mailing list (20,000 + recipients and growing)
  • Twitter Account (2800 + followers and growing)
  • Dedicated Managers’ Forum to give and receive ongoing support
  • Resourcing and training assistance for Event Co-ordinators
  • Public Indemnity/Employer liability Insurance
  • Market-day work schedules
  • Personal email address
  • Central stallholder preparation and training
  • Ongoing support!

To be successful in the role:

  • You have a fabulous loud mouth
  • You are able to spread news like wild-fire, both online and offline
  • You have plenty of online experience with social media, either professionally or personally
  • You have an excellent command of both verbal and written English
  • You have an iron will determined to succeed and are target driven
  • You are not afraid of hard work — in this role, you understand that the more effort you put in, the more rewards you reap with a higher foot-fall on market day
  • You have a charismatic, outgoing, personality
  • You are a natural networker, able to develop rapport with people from all walks of liife
  • You are a natural leader, able to effectively manage a team to both stay on task and stay motivated to perform to a high standard
  • You are able to make phone calls during business hours
  • You have plenty of self-initiative
  • You have a tonne of common-sense
  • You are a super-quick learner and willing to invest self-directed time into learning new processes, if required
  • You are instantly likeable
  • You are very assertive
  • You are positive — a negative attitude does not work in this role
  • You have the tools to open and edit documents written in Microsoft packages, e.g. Word, Excel, etc
  • You have a full driving licence and access to a car



Promoting and managing events is hard work, but it is also truly rewarding when you know your efforts have helped local mums and families to reduce cost by making and saving money, while at the same time averting tonnes of plastic toys, clothing, buggies, bikes, and a variety of items from land-fill.

If you are interested in partnering with an ethical Community Interest Organisation, then please complete the online application form below

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